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Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Mint "This is the most incredible mixer I have ever played. Smooth like butter and the sound is unreal." "Sound: Beautiful, warm, spacious and with lots of air. Their harmonics fall in love. Hugs you. HiFi Feeling: the most demanding audiophiles should be very satisfied with such a mixer. I see it perfect to play music with soul. Aesthetics: Beautiful and robust. It is a beauty. I think that condesa makes the most beautiful mixers in the world." Normally, when you order this mixer directly from Condesa Electronics, there is around 6 months wait time for building your mixer. Skip the line! The mixer is 'AS NEW'. It was barely used, only for playing a few records. Stereo inputs Channels 1 & 2 each have 2 sets of selectable stereo RCA inputs. Phono(A)/Line(B) Outputs Stereo record RCA unbalanced (fixed level) Stereo Booth, Balanced TRS (with level control) Stereo Master, RCA and Balanced XLR (with level control) EQ Three way equaliser per channel High +/- 10db @ 12Khz Mid +/- 6db @ 1Khz Bass +/- 12db @ 150Hz Isolator 3 way master isolator – boost 12db, cut to infinity Low (10 – 280Hz) Mids (280Hz – 4kHz) High (4kHz – 20kHz) FX send/return per channel FX send per channel level (post fader), RCA unbalanced output FX return, stereo return to mix with fader, RCA unbalanced input Cueing system Cue blend for channels 1 & 2 Metering Stereo VU meters on Master output – post volume (0vu = 0dbu) Power 48v DC external power supply 100v-240v AC input $1,960.00 Details...